Mundaneum Factories for Open Tokenomics:

By Delphine Jenart and John F. Robert on Mar 06, 2018


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Mundaneum Factories for Open Tokenomics: A factoring Net for a smart society at work

The Mundaneum is initiating a network backing Open tools under Creative Commons Licence, which will support free associations of people for delivering services. The transversal needs for supporting such Open Communities of service factories are innovative economics, easing distribution of value creations and distributed governances. Such research & developments belong to Tokenomics, an emerging field for a Smart Society. An inaugural event is scheduled at Mons the 29th of March.

A presentation session for the kick-off of a factoring Net // 29th March in Mons

In the frame of Open Belgium 2018 dedicated to Open Communities-Smart Society, the Mundaneum will present ‘Mundaneum Factories & Tokenomics’, an initiative for a Net of factoring, placing Tokenomics in the domain of Open Knowledge.

Tokenomics, an opportunity for Open Communities exploring a sustainable transition

From the bitcoin emerging in 2008 to Token 1.0, 2.0 and followers, tokenization is taking a growing trend up to delivering a new knowledge field: the Tokenomics. In one word, the object of the Tokenomics discipline is the design of our wallets.

Since the first blockchain technologies, the growing trend is already compared to the internet explosion and points to a factoring Net for new types of associations in open organisations.

Digital innovations have triggered a move from a Net of information with hypertexts - connected data and information - to a Net of factoring with connected wallets or hyper-wallets.

It becomes today determinant for a smart society, respecting our civil liberties and challenging a transition to a sustainable economy, to place the Tokenomics under the culture of Open Knowledge for Creative Commons and develop with communities Open Tokenomics.

Tokenomics & Open Knowledge, the emerging net of factoring & internet of information

Placing tokenomics under the culture of Open Knowledge means building the tools easing a tokenized economy under open organisations. This process will be deployed, using step by step, communities growing , the developed means in terms of tokenized economic metrics – the tokens - and governance modules for the Tokenomics Factory itself and other factories to come. ( Bio basket factories, Movie Factories and so on…). People will receive on the way tokens from their construction for their involvement.

CMS & Open CMS have addressed content management in the frame of an internet of information. Open Tokenomics address the governance management and valuation needs in a Smart Net of Open Factories.

A new net is already emerging, under the construction of a stack of technologies, triggered by the blockchain precursors, a factoring net, currently branded as blockchain business.

If the Open Knowledge culture is absent from Tokenomics for an Open Tokenomics, there is a risk in the missed opportunity that the values of an Open & Smart Society will regress.

Digital innovations have triggered a move from a Net of information with hypertexts - connected data and information - to a Net of factoring with connected wallets or hyper- wallets.

Keynote Panel content : Mundaneum Factories and the first meetings

The Mundaneum will expose its strategy to highlight, encourage and ease such a movement in the society. This initiative will first develop through an info session proposed to a broad audience on 29th March at 7pm, second through a workshops series once every week dealing with different kinds of topics related to Tokenomics that will lead to the creation of small factories or workgroups. Further than a workshop series the Mundaneum Factories will publish and use a new P2P internet enabling communities to build the Tokenomics of their services for a smart society, inviting people to join the movement.


The session aims to inform a large public about the emerging internet of factoring and to arise the willingness to participate to Open Tokenomics. Whatever your talent & expertise might be, as a jurist, an economist, a trainer, a geek, a mathematician, a philosopher, a designer, a farmer, an investor, a shopper, a musician, a politician, a transition engineer… active or retired, individuals or representative persons, any open co-operative contribution is welcome to Open Tokenomics as Creative Commons and equipped Open Communities for a new factoring Net with accounted contributions and distributions.


Delphine Jenart, Deputy director of the Mundaneum -

As a cultural program designer I’m setting up events dealing with the social impact of technology as part of the institution’s policy (exhibits, conferences, education programs…). I’m doing lectures about the Mundaneum, past & present.

John Robert, Curator of Mundaneum Factories & Tokenomics. -
Mathematician, Philosopher, Computer Scientist, Entrepreneur, Tokenomics Artisan.

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written by Delphine Jenart and John F. Robert
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