Hello I'm Anthony Zacharzewski

Anthony is trying to make European democracy work. He founded the Democratic Society in 2006, and since 2010 he has led practical democracy projects and research from village councils to the European Commission. From 1996 to 2010, he worked for the UK’s Treasury, Cabinet Office, and Department of Health, and led the strategy function for the city of Brighton & Hove.

Anthony Zacharzewski


the Democratic Society

linkedin Anthony Zacharzewski

Hello I'm Heleen Vollers

Heleen is a Senior Consultant at Capgemini Consulting Netherlands and advisor/researcher at the European Commission's European Data Portal

Heleen Vollers

Senior Consultant

Capgemini Consulting Netherlands

website Heleen Vollers linkedin Heleen Vollers

Hello I'm Ton Zijlstra

Ton is a founding partner of The Green Land, a European open data consultancy , based in the Netherlands.

Ton Zijlstra

Founding Partner

The Green Land

linkedin Ton Zijlstra

Hello I'm Maarten Lambrechts

Maarten is a data journalist and data visualisation consultant. He worked as a data journalist at De Tijd, but is working currently as a freelancer.

Maarten Lambrechts

Data Journalist, Data Designer, Visualization Consultant


website Maarten Lambrechts linkedin Maarten Lambrechts

Hello I'm Raf Buyle

Raf is involved in strategic e-Government projects for local and regional governments since 2002. As an advisor in e-government strategy, Raf tries to implement a more rational, interoptable e-government, promoting open data, open standards and open processes. Raf is also board member of Open Knowledge Belgium. He’s active in the in the Open Data community, advocating Open Tourism Data.

Raf Buyle

Information Architect

Informatie Vlaanderen

linkedin Raf Buyle

Hello I'm Pieter Colpaert

Works at imec - Ghent University, volunteers at Open Knowledge Belgium and the iRail project. His research is on publishing transport data for maximum reuse.

Pieter Colpaert

Researcher - Board member - Public lead

imec - Open Knowledge Belgium - iRail

linkedin Pieter Colpaert

Hello I'm Caroline Emonet

Caroline is a business developer for Ingestic, a company that provides IT services. The new challenges of the energy sector have an impact on the needs of people and public/private companies, and data has become a key point in new projects. Caroline now offers a new vision, new possibilities, new goals for the energy sectors and how it is affected by data.

Caroline Emonet

Business Developer

Ingestic SPRL

linkedin Caroline Emonet

Hello I'm Bastiaan Deblieck

Bastiaan is owner and head of business development at TenForce and worked for more than 15 years in the domain of linked data and advanced solutions for data management and publication and interoperability.

Bastiaan Deblieck

Chief Commercial Officer


linkedin Bastiaan Deblieck

Hello I'm Christina Franken

Christina works at the intersection of data analysis, urban technology, and user psychology. As project lead for the Mapbox Cities program she works with partners on data-driven open source solutions addressing local and global challenges, ranging from smart mobility and traffic safety to behavior change and disaster response.

Christina Franken

Project Leader

Mapbox Cities program

linkedin Christina Franken

Hello I'm Nils Walravens

Senior researcher at imec-SMIT-VUB recently finished a PhD on Smart Cities, identifying strategies for cities looking to create public value through mobile applications.

Nils Walravens

Senior Researcher


linkedin Nils Walravens

Hello I'm Dr. Nicolas Pettiaux

Nicolas is one of the founder of OSM association within OKFN Be. PhD in physics, master in management, maître-assistant at the École supérieure d'informatique and as been a long time active promoter of free software, open-data, open-access and the Creative Commons licences.

Dr. Nicolas Pettiaux

Maître assistant

École supérieure d'informatique

linkedin Dr. Nicolas Pettiaux

Hello I'm Johan Delauré

Johan is program manager at Tenforce with more than 20 years of experience in projects for designing, building and implementing data processing creating new end-user services. Last 3 years he has been involved in the deployment of open source tools for managing LOD-structured classifications and defining LOD applications.

Johan Delauré

Program Manager


linkedin Johan Delauré

Hello I'm Kasper Van Lombeek

Kasper is co-founder of Rockestate, who use curated open geo data to predict mortgage prices for banks, premium risks for insurers and energy consumptions for utilities for every single building in Belgium.

Kasper Van Lombeek

Co-founder and data scientist


website Kasper Van Lombeek linkedin Kasper Van Lombeek

Hello I'm Gwen Franck

Gwen is an Open Access Programme Coordinator for EIFL (working on FOSTER, PASTEUR4OA and OpenAIRE projects). Project lead for the OpenAIRE FP7 Post Grant Open Access project on behalf of LIBER. Former Regional Coordinator Europe for Creative Commons. Co-founder of Open Access Belgium on behalf of Ghent University Library as well as Board member of Open Knowledge Belgium.

Gwen Franck

Independent Consultant

Open Matters

linkedin Gwen Franck

Hello I'm Pol Dellaiera

Pol is a senior analyst with more than 10 years of experience with PHP. He is very actively involved in the Open Source communities of Drupal, OpenLayers and Symfony.

Pol Dellaiera

Senior PHP Developer

website Pol Dellaiera linkedin Pol Dellaiera

Hello I'm Fanny Goldschmidt

Business Development Manager at OpenDataSoft

Fanny Goldschmidt

Business Development Manager


linkedin Fanny Goldschmidt

Hello I'm Demmy Verbeke

Demmy Verbeke is Head of Artes, a division of KU Leuven Libraries, and plays a central role in organizing library services for the Arts and Humanities. As a member of the management team, Demmy also contributes to the strategic development and operational management of KU Leuven Libraries as a whole, with a particular focus on (library support for) research and scholarly communication.

Demmy Verbeke

Head of Artes

KU Leuven Libraries

linkedin Demmy Verbeke

Hello I'm Winnie Poncelet

Winnie is co-founder of ReaGent, the first biohackespace in Flanders. In the lab he mainly does community engagement and is involved in several citizen science initiatives around materials, water quality and medicine. The most important of which is Open Insulin, a project dedicated to developing open source insulin. He has been a fellow for Edgeryders, researching how communities solve governmental or systemic gaps in healthcare through science & technology and is well acquainted and connected to the European and global biohacking network.

Winnie Poncelet

Science Engagement Strategist

Break it Down

linkedin Winnie Poncelet

Hello I'm Nikolaos Loutas

Nikolaos is helping organisations benefit from emerging data technologies and supporting them with developing data management and analysis capabilities, from semantics through to machine learning and AI, and data-driven solutions, which enable organisations to rethink and improve services, products and processes. He has been working with public sector organisation on the value, the use cases and the underlying technologies for open data, focusing the last year on linked open fiscal data, as a catalyst of improving government transparency and accountability.

Nikolaos Loutas


PwC Consulting

linkedin Nikolaos Loutas

Hello I'm Philippe Duchesne

Software architect playing with data standards on the web, building open data portals, working towards discoverability and interoperability of open data.

Philippe Duchesne

Software Architect

High Latitudes

linkedin Philippe Duchesne

Hello I'm Aad Versteden

Aad studied Civil Engineering in Computer Sciences with a focus on Databases and Linked Data. In 2014 he co-created mu.semte.ch where he is still a core-team member. Aad was involved in various data-driven startups, is involved in Open Source communicaties, pushed Linked Data as Innovation Manager, gives occasional guest lectures on Linked Data, and recently founded redpencil.io providing vision and guidance in distributed information sharing.

Aad Versteden

linkedin Aad Versteden

Hello I'm Cheryl Miller Van Dyck

In a career spanning 25 years, Cheryl has held global leadership roles in blue chip companies in the transport, banking, telecom and IT industries in Asia, North America, Europe and Russia. As founder of the Brussels-based Digital Leadership Institute, she has spent the last eight years leveraging disruptive technologies for the benefit of the world's most under-served communities.

Cheryl Miller Van Dyck

Founding Director

Digital Leadership Institute

linkedin Cheryl Miller Van Dyck

Hello I'm Miguel Alvarez Rodriguez

Miguel Alvarez Rodriguez is a programme manager in the interoperability unit at the Directorate of Informatics of the European Commission since 2012. He is responsible for the National Interoperability Framework Observatory as well as several actions funded under the ISA2 programme related to implementing interoperable solutions for public services. From 2006 to 2012 he worked as a Senior Official on eGovernment and IT at the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of Spain. He was the leader of the workpackage that dealt with the definition of common interoperability specification

Miguel Alvarez Rodriguez

Programme Manager at ISA²

Directorate General for Informatics at the European Commission

linkedin Miguel Alvarez Rodriguez

Hello I'm Agis Papantoniou

Agis is CEO of Cognizone, a startup in the domain of Data Governance, Data Processing and Data Publishing, applying Semantic Technologies and Linked Open Data. During the past twenty years and after the completion of his PhD, he has been a Senior Researcher and Visiting Lecturer at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) of the National Technical University of Athens, performing research over LOD.

Agis Papantoniou



linkedin Agis Papantoniou

Hello I'm Julien Minet

Julien is an OSM contributor and long experienced scientist in environmental modelling. Enthusiast about geoinformatics & cartography. He also free-lances in web and geoinformatics development. See www.nobohan.be/#geo.

Julien Minet

Research Assosciate

Universite de Liege

linkedin Julien Minet

Hello I'm Davy Hanegreefs

Davy Hanegreefs has worked on digital projects for both companies & cultural heritage institutions, such as Boek.be, Boekenbeurs & Proxis. Using his experience in e-marketing, e-commerce and database management, he is guiding the Belgian Film Archive towards an open digital future. As part of that work, he is currently also project manager of I-Media-Cities, a European project looking to develop innovative e-environments to facilitate research on cities through audiovisual materials.

Davy Hanegreefs

Head of Digital Engagement and Innovation


linkedin Davy Hanegreefs

Hello I'm Bert Jehoul

Bert Jehoul is a Federal civil servant, convinced of the power of openess to reduce bureaucracy, increase trust & facilitate citizen-engagement and private-public cooperations. He helped initiating the Be Badges platform at Selor (Selection Office for the Belgian Government) and supports the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration. Bert has a background in Psychology and Psychometrics and is an enthusiastic user of the statistical software R as well as a board member of Open Knowledge Belgium

Bert Jehoul


Be Badges - Open Recognition Belgium

linkedin Bert Jehoul

Hello I'm Delphine Jenart

Delphine, deputy director of the Mundaneum dubbed 'The web time forgot' by the NY Times. Due to her Applied & Social Communication background, she's been the communication manager at the Mundaneum since 2004 and has further developed as the deputy director. As a policy designer, Delphine Jenart sets up events such as conferences and exhibitions dealing with the social impact of technology.

Delphine Jenart

Deputy Director


linkedin Delphine Jenart

Hello I'm Bert Van Nuffelen

Bert has a PhD in computer science (KU Leuven). Since 2011, he has been the lead architect at TenForce for the government projects (EU, Federal, regional) that involve Linked Open Data or semantic technology. He is a well-appreciated missionary of the vision and technology of LOD in Belgium and the whole of Europe, e.g. on DCAT-AP. Today is actively supporting the Flemish Government in their realisation of a interoperable government for the base registries and the LOD strategy.

Bert Van Nuffelen

Lead Architect


linkedin Bert Van Nuffelen

Hello I'm Hans Fraiponts

Hans works for Digipolis where he founded LAB9K. This lab wants to explore new technologies related to IoT, Data and Blockchain. It does this by attracting young companies and students to develop proof of concepts. https://lab9k.github.io

Hans Fraiponts

Business Analyst


linkedin Hans Fraiponts

Hello I'm Veronique Volders

Veronique is Program Manager E-Strategy @ the Flemish Agency for Domestic Governance.

Veronique Volders

Program Manager E-Strategy

Flemish Agency for Domestic Governance

linkedin Veronique Volders

Hello I'm Niels Vandekeybus

Niels is a devoted web architect who enjoys taking part in all stages of the software development process from requirements and architecture to implementation and testing. Being involved in the implementation of several interoperability standards has resulted in a strong focus on qualitative publication and reuse of Open Data. Based on his experience in linked data publishing Niels is convinced of using and extending open source software as the basis for interoperable and maintainable solutions.

Niels Vandekeybus

Web Architect / Founder


linkedin Niels Vandekeybus

Hello I'm Sam Donvil

Sam studied archaeology and culture and development studies at K.U. Leuven university. In the past he worked at the Open Access department of the K.U Leuven university library and currently works at PACKED vzw - center of expertise for digital heritage on crowdsourcing projects with the Wikimedia community. He is also involved in the annual museum-hackathon Museomix.

Sam Donvil

Project Officer


linkedin Sam Donvil

Hello I'm Alina Saenko

Alina studied archive management at V.U. Brussels and cultural management at the University of Antwerp. Within PACKED vzw - center of expertise for digital heritage - she currently works on projects around open cultural data, persistent identification and Wikimedia platforms.

Alina Saenko

Staff Member


Hello I'm Jochem van den Berg

Since 2016 Jochem is involved in the use of open data as a tool to contribute to solutions for societal problems. He encourages local governments to use open data in their own work and policy fields, and enthuses them with examples. For him, an important part of open data is about connection, between business and IT, between publishers and reusers and in between governments.

Jochem van den Berg

Open Data Consultant

The Green Land

Hello I'm Hessel van Oorschot

Hessel is an experienced entrepreneur, C-level coach and interim manager with background in online business models, digital media and building teams to execute disruptive ideas.

Hessel van Oorschot


Tribe of Noise

linkedin Hessel van Oorschot

Hello I'm Frank Verschoor

Since 2009 Frank is using Open Data as an enabler for a more open government, which allows both better policy results and stronger networks of stakeholders. Working with municipal, regional and national government bodies, Frank quickly knows to strike the right chords to create movement. To him, like all of us, Open Data is about people, their mindset and their actions.

Frank Verschoor

Founding Partner

The Green Land

linkedin Frank Verschoor

Hello I'm Bram Biesbrouck

Bram is the technical lead at Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique (CRB) and Open Source/Linked Data enthusiast.

Bram Biesbrouck

Managing Partner

Republic of Reinvention

linkedin Bram Biesbrouck

Hello I'm Evi Swinnen

Evi Swinnen is the founder and coordinator of Timelab in Ghent. At this city lab, she investigates collaborative models for commoning-practices. What new structures and processes do we need to kickstart the regenerative capacities of our societies? She is inspired by activist and speculative arts, the open source community and the maker communities. The research at Timelab has resulted in a couple of succesful prototypes, of which the gin brand Ginderella is one of the most well-known examples.

Evi Swinnen

Founder and Coordinator


linkedin Evi Swinnen

Hello I'm John Robert

John is a skilled and experienced Mathematician, Philosopher, Computer Scientist, Entrepreneur, Tokenomics Artisan.

John Robert

Tokenomics Artisan and Curator

Mundaneum Factories & Tokenomics

linkedin John Robert

Hello I'm Serah Njambi Rono

Serah engages pilot communities in different and relevant capacities over Open Knowledge’s projects across the EU and the rest of the world
As well as building, consolidating and supporting Open Knowledge International’s technical communities as they express interest in, ask questions about, give feedback on, build extensions to and offer other contribution to OKI’s existing projects and tools.

Serah Njambi Rono

Developer Advocate

Open Knowledge International

linkedin Serah Njambi Rono

Hello I'm Ievgen Bilyk

Ievgen is a project manager for the development of ProZorro.Sale system and the monitoring of ProZorro system at Transparency International Ukraine

Ievgen Bilyk

Project Manager

Transparency International Ukraine

website Ievgen Bilyk linkedin Ievgen Bilyk

Hello I'm Vitor Baptista

Vitor is responsible for the quality and consistency of the software engineering practices at Open Knowledge International and an extremely talented developer, who is too engaged in data visualization

Vitor Baptista

Engineering Lead

Open Knowledge International

linkedin Vitor Baptista

Hello I'm Sebastiaan ter Burg

Sebastiaan ter Burg (1979) is a visual consultant and storyteller. Most of his work is available under a Creative Commons license, an open license that allows reuse of the photos by others. Sebastiaan has been an open content advocate since 2007. As founder of Circular Content he helps organizations design and implement content strategies that maximizes their communication reach. Visit www.circularcontent.com for more information.

Sebastiaan ter Burg


Circular Content

linkedin Sebastiaan ter Burg

Hello I'm Elwin Gardeur

Elwin Gardeur

European Sales Director


linkedin Elwin Gardeur

Hello I'm Ben Abelshausen

Ben is a Mobility IT & Design Expert and offers expert consultation in routing and related software development. - Adapting an existing routing application for use in traffic modelling software. - Creating an application to demo potential new traffic situations. Used Technology: Java, C#, JavaScript, Eclipse, Leaflet, OsmSharpConsultant as a developer on the CRAB project and the LARA application. Refactoring of an ExtJS application.

Ben Abelshausen



linkedin Ben Abelshausen

Hello I'm Moustapha Ramachi

Moustapha has a background in Computer Science and Industrial Engernieering. As a Software Developer he participated in the Open Summer of Code, where he developed an OSM bike route validation online platform. Third party applications using OSM bike data now have a reliable data source for Brussels.

Moustapha Ramachi

ICT Manager

VTK Gent vzw

linkedin Moustapha Ramachi

Hello I'm Peter Campobasso

Peter is a Masters student and member of the Marketing team at OpenDataSoft, whose passions include government, public policy in cities, especially regarding transportation, education, and citizen participation. He is fascinated by the power and possibilities of the web, civic tech, and open data.

Peter Campobasso

Marketing Project Manager

US Market at OpenDataSoft

linkedin Peter Campobasso

Hello I'm Jolan Soens

Jolan is a project manager at Timelab in Ghent. The city lab provides a space for people to co-create together with artists, neighbors, the community, etc. to address everyday problems in our society. Jolan is passionately motivated by circular economics and sustainability and how their complexity intertwines with everyday issues. A practical example is his Knotplex project, where he turns waste into valuable raw materials.

Jolan Soens

Project Coordinator


linkedin Jolan Soens

Hello I'm Dominic Orr

Researcher at Berlin-based research institute Forschungsinstitut für Bildungs- und Sozialökonomie and freelance educational policy analyst. He has worked on the topic of Open Educational Resources for the OECD as external consultant and for UNESCO on measuring equity and affordability in tertiary education and for the Worldbank advising on internal funding allocation at HEIs.

Dominic Orr

Researcher & policy analyst

FiBS-Research Institute for the Economics of Education and Social Affairs

linkedin Dominic Orr

Hello I'm Serge Ravet

- creation and development of a European professional body in the field of learning technologies - management of European projects, studies and research projects in the field of learning technologies - development of a set of occupational standards of competence for individual and organisational learning, quality assurance services - Director of a training consultancy specialising in competence-based learning and assessment.

Serge Ravet

Innovation DIrector


linkedin Serge Ravet
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