Mundaneum Factories for Open Tokenomics

  • Time: 14h30-15h00
  • Location: Salle Lauzelle
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Type: Panel

A factoring Net for a Smart Society at work - The Mundaneum is initiating a network backing Open tools under Creative Commons Licence to support free associations of people for delivering services. Transversal needs for supporting such open communities of service factories are innovative economics, easing distribution of value creations and distributed governances. Tokenomics appear to be an emerging field for a smart society. The Mundaneum proposes to present its Tokenomics project including the inaugural event scheduled in Mons mid-March.


Hello I'm Delphine Jenart

Delphine, deputy director of the Mundaneum dubbed 'The web time forgot' by the NY Times. Due to her Applied & Social Communication background, she's been the communication manager at the Mundaneum since 2004 and has further developed as the deputy director. As a policy designer, Delphine Jenart sets up events such as conferences and exhibitions dealing with the social impact of technology.

Delphine Jenart

Deputy Director


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Hello I'm John Robert

John is a skilled and experienced Mathematician, Philosopher, Computer Scientist, Entrepreneur, Tokenomics Artisan.

John Robert

Tokenomics Artisan and Curator

Mundaneum Factories & Tokenomics

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