Open data stories you haven't heard!

  • Time: 11h30-12h00
  • Location: Salle BiĆ©reau
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Type: Panel

During this session we aim to share stories coming directly from our users on the tangible results public and also private organisations generate from opening data, going beyond the traditional stories about application development. We will talk about the benefits of open data, both for the community and the organisation publishing data. Storytelling will come from Namur, Brussels, Lille and Enedis.


Hello I'm Fanny Goldschmidt

Business Development Manager at OpenDataSoft

Fanny Goldschmidt

Business Development Manager


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Hello I'm Peter Campobasso

Peter is a Masters student and member of the Marketing team at OpenDataSoft, whose passions include government, public policy in cities, especially regarding transportation, education, and citizen participation. He is fascinated by the power and possibilities of the web, civic tech, and open data.

Peter Campobasso

Marketing Project Manager

US Market at OpenDataSoft

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