OpenSeaMap : mapping the depth of the Belgian coast

  • Time: 16h30-17h00
  • Location: Salle Biéreau
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Type: Panel

OpenSeaMap is an extension of OpenStreetMap that provides a full map of the seas and oceans. Today is contains many information about the marks that are above the sealevel. One of the projects of the OpenSeaMap community is to make sure the underwater is as well known. I will describe what is done, which hardware and which software is developed, what could be some ideas for the Belgian coasts and give some other ideas, what needs to be done.


Hello I'm Dr. Nicolas Pettiaux

Nicolas is one of the founder of OSM association within OKFN Be. PhD in physics, master in management, maître-assistant at the École supérieure d'informatique and as been a long time active promoter of free software, open-data, open-access and the Creative Commons licences.

Dr. Nicolas Pettiaux

Maître assistant

École supérieure d'informatique

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