Smarter by Open Data: Process and Practice in Flevoland (NL)

  • Time: 14h30-15h00
  • Location: Salle BiĆ©reau
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Type: Panel

Results and insights of the project 'Flevoland (NL) Smarter'. Together with four local governments we learned how to effectively use open data in practice. By working from the outside in, by preferencing need over assumptions and by just doing. Together with employees from the local governments we talked to farmers, citizens, entrepreneurs and factories and simply asked them: 'what do you do' and 'how can we help (with our data)'? The outcomes are radically insightful!


Hello I'm Frank Verschoor

Since 2009 Frank is using Open Data as an enabler for a more open government, which allows both better policy results and stronger networks of stakeholders. Working with municipal, regional and national government bodies, Frank quickly knows to strike the right chords to create movement. To him, like all of us, Open Data is about people, their mindset and their actions.

Frank Verschoor

Founding Partner

The Green Land

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Hello I'm Jochem van den Berg

Since 2016 Jochem is involved in the use of open data as a tool to contribute to solutions for societal problems. He encourages local governments to use open data in their own work and policy fields, and enthuses them with examples. For him, an important part of open data is about connection, between business and IT, between publishers and reusers and in between governments.

Jochem van den Berg

Open Data Consultant

The Green Land

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