Traffic safety - answering really tough questions with open data

  • Time: 14h00-14h30
  • Location: Salle Bruy√®re
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Type: Panel

Traffic fatalities continue to rise in urban areas. We built a model that can identify which high risk areas the city should focus its traffic safety efforts on. Learn how we worked with various open datasets from multiple transport stakeholders and directly with city government in Washington, DC. We share success and failures of our approach, with the ultimate goal to speed up solving common urban issues across the globe by distributing (open) data-driven local solutions as open source tools.


Hello I'm Christina Franken

Christina works at the intersection of data analysis, urban technology, and user psychology. As project lead for the Mapbox Cities program she works with partners on data-driven open source solutions addressing local and global challenges, ranging from smart mobility and traffic safety to behavior change and disaster response.

Christina Franken

Project Leader

Mapbox Cities program

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