Using Frictionless Data software to turn data into Insight

  • Time: 16h00-17h00
  • Location: Salle Hocaille
  • Level: Beginner
  • Type: Hackathon

Open Knowledge's Frictionless Data( initiative is about making it effortless to transport quality data among different tools & platforms for further analysis. In this session, I hope to introduce Open Belgium community to software that streamlines their data workflow process, make a case for data quality. I will show them how to add metadata and create schema for their data, validate datasets, be part of a vibrant open source, open data community, et al


Hello I'm Serah Njambi Rono

Serah engages pilot communities in different and relevant capacities over Open Knowledge’s projects across the EU and the rest of the world
As well as building, consolidating and supporting Open Knowledge International’s technical communities as they express interest in, ask questions about, give feedback on, build extensions to and offer other contribution to OKI’s existing projects and tools.

Serah Njambi Rono

Developer Advocate

Open Knowledge International

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Hello I'm Vitor Baptista

Vitor is responsible for the quality and consistency of the software engineering practices at Open Knowledge International and an extremely talented developer, who is too engaged in data visualization

Vitor Baptista

Engineering Lead

Open Knowledge International

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